health benefit of bitter kola

Bitter kola is generally known for its medicinal benefits, as the seeds, nuts, and bark have been and are still being used to treat varying ailments


  1. Weight Loss: Bitter kola is recognized for being a natural hunger suppressant and a grand thirst stimulant, and as such helps to reduce weight loss, as a condensed intake of food and a large intake of water is needed by the body to get rid of excess fat and stay healthy.
  2. Prevention from glaucoma: It has been verified by a group of researchers, that even and consistent use of an eye drop made from an extract of garcinia kola can help treat.
  3. Treatment of erectile dysfunction: study has shown, that garcinia kola (bitter kola), has aphrodisiac effects (causes or increases sexual desire) in male persons, and as such is used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
  4.  Immunity: Bitter kola influences numerous narrow systems in the body, the immune system inclusive. It enables the body to adapt to stress and also acts as an anti-infective means.
  5. Healthy lungs: Garcinia kola contains saponin which is an antioxidant. It has detoxifying and cleansing effects. This goes on to improve the function of the lungs by increasing the alveolar ducts and sacs, and as such, strengthens the fiber in the tissue of the lungs. It has favourably high antioxidant pleased for a healthy body.
  6. Helps Pregnancy: Bitter kola divergent to what some may believe, actually has been said to be helpful and useful in and for pregnant women, as it helps in combating queasiness and vomiting, making the uterus healthier, supplies strength to the eager mother and normalizes circulation of blood also.
  7. Treating malaria: Bitter kola is held to have chemical properties that allow it to be an anti malarial means. It contains Kolaviron which is a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory phytochemicals, which has high antimalarial properties.
  8. Diabetes: The seeds of bitter kola are believed to possess the ability to lower blood glucose, which makes it a possible treatment for diabetes miletus.
  9. Cold and fever remedy: By possessing the ability to widen the alveolar sac and duct, Bitter kola provides relief for chest cold and goes on to prevent cold altogether.
  10. Osteoarthritis: Bitter kola is known as an outstanding disease modifier, which provides potential aid in osteoarthritis. Studies have shown that garcinia kola appears to have important painkiller/anti-inflammatory effects on patients with knee osteoarthritis. As such, garcinia kola is considered a potential osteoarthritis disease activity modifier with a high view of a good outcome. It helps in the decrease of irritation, pain and fixed joints. The root cause of arthritis and disappointing pain may be a joint damage, tubbiness, aging or it may be inborn. Thus, the consumption of this astonishing plant can help cover all these problems and cure it from its roots.


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