How to take a screenshot on a MacBook

How to take a screenshot on a Mac

If your screen really ready then Press Command + Shift + 3.

The screenshot will be saved on your desktop as a file PNG extension.

The screenshot's name should be ‘Screen Shot + year + month + date and at the time AM or PM’.

For example, ‘Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 11.12.54 PM’.

The moment you click and hold the three mac keyboard shortcuts, a screenshot will be taken of the whole screen at that very moment, which will be saved as a file called PNG extension. If you are using two or more displays, full screenshots will be made for both monitors. If you do not do need to capture an entire screen, continue to read on, for how you can select a partial section of your screen.

How to take a partial screenshot on a Mac

If your screen really ready then

Press Command + Shift + 4

A cross will now appear to drag over the area you want to snashot.

The area will be saved as a screenshot, in the same format mentioned before.

Have the window opened on your screen

Press Command + Shift + 4

Hold down the space bar button.

A camera icon should now appearon the screen.

Select the window you’d like to take a screenshot.

And that covers all the three different methods of taking screenshots. Whether you want to drag to select an area to take a screenshot of on your Mac or select a specific Windows, it’s up to your choice. Image files on your desktop will all have the same naming convention for your convenience. It should be noted that the quality of the image taken will also depend on the type of monitor you have, like, retina display will have a higher pixel density. This case is applicable, especially for dual-screen users, and one should always use the original monitor to take screenshots on your MacBook.

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