Update on Npower placement of primary assignment deployment


The ongoing  physical verification exercise for the N-power Batch C, stream 1 has been extended by a period of 1 week. Beneficiaries are expected to complete their physical verification on or before Thursday, 30th September, 2021

  • Log into the self-service portal on www.nasims.gov.ng
  • Call the dedicated support help on 092203102 , 018888340
  • Dial the USSD *45665#
Upon complete of physical verification, beneficiaries are to download their deployment letter from their self service portal on www.nasims.gov.ng and proceed to their designated places of primary Assignment between 4th October 2021, - 8th October 2021.

Deployment letters are to be filled and signed by authorized personnel in relevant places of primary assignment (PPA) as either ACCEPTED or REJECTED.


  1. If ACCEPTED, beneficiaries are to update their status and upload acceptance letter on the NASIMS self portal.
  2. If REJECTED, beneficiaries are to apply for redeployment and upload rejection letter on the NASIMS self service portal on www.nasims.gov.ng 
Beneficiaries who wish to redeploy within their states of residence may do so via the self service portal on www.nasims.gov.ng 

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