‘Notcoin’ Airdrop Claim Opens as Binance Users Stake $14 Billion for NOT Rewards - Decrypt

Players of the popular Telegram game Notcoin can now claim their NOT tokens, a digital asset connected to the game. These tokens will be available for trading on major cryptocurrency exchanges starting this Thursday, May 16th. The game developer recently opened up this claim process in preparation for the launch.

Millions of players in the Notcoin clicker game can now decide what to do with their NOT tokens. These tokens are earned based on how many in-game coins you mined earlier in the year (1000 in-game coins = 1 NOT token). You have several options: transfer them to popular crypto exchanges like Binance or OKX, keep them in your Telegram wallet, or stake them for potential benefits like higher in-game status. Starting Thursday, you can also withdraw your tokens to a separate digital wallet.

To drum up interest before Notcoin's official launch, Binance and OKX offered staking programs. This allowed users to earn some of the new tokens. With over 4 billion NOT up for grabs (over 4% of all Notcoin!), there was a lot of excitement. Binance, with the biggest pool (over 3 billion NOT), saw users stake a massive $13.7 billion worth of crypto. This early enthusiasm suggests Notcoin could follow the success of other gaming tokens launched through staking campaigns this year, like PIXEL and PORTAL. Will Notcoin join the ranks of top gaming tokens of 2024? We'll know for sure when it launches on Thursday.

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