Wallet app is adding Notcoin, a cryptocurrency, which will give users more options

Notcoin is launching on the Wallet app on May 16th! This will allow Wallet users to buy, sell, and trade Notcoin (NOT) tokens, as well as send them to other users on Telegram. You can even use NOT tokens to pay for things within the Wallet Pay service.

Bonus: You can already claim your NOT tokens in the Notcoin app by selecting "Wallet". However, the tokens won't officially show up in your Wallet app until May 16th, and you might need to verify your identity first.

This is a win-win for both sides. Wallet gets to offer more digital assets to its users, and Notcoin gets access to Telegram's massive user base of over 900 million people. Notcoin seems poised for a successful launch!

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