Notcoin (NOT) scores big with listings on major exchanges Bybit and OKX. There's even a Jumpstart event on OKX to earn NOT tokens. Plus, Binance Launchpool joins the party, offering another way to get NOT


Notcoin, a popular play-to-earn game on Telegram, is getting listed on major crypto exchanges like OKX and Bybit this month. This follows the token being added to CoinMarketCap. The listings are a big win for the project, which has over 6 million users on Telegram.

There was a snag with a possible listing last month, but these new developments show the project's commitment to its goals. Notcoin is building a strong ecosystem around its token, which is used in the game and for exploring web3 projects.

Here's a breakdown of the good news for Notcoin holders:

  • OKX Jumpstart Mining Event (May 13-16): Stake your TON tokens to earn NOT. There's no minimum amount to participate, but there's a maximum cap. You can stake and unstake anytime.
  • Bybit Spot Trading Listing (May 16): Buy, sell, and trade NOT tokens against USDT on Bybit. Deposits and withdrawals will be on the TON network. Important Note: Not everyone can participate in the OKX event (check for restrictions).

This is just the beginning for Notcoin. It's also getting listed on Binance Launchpool, allowing users to farm NOT tokens by staking other crypto. Binance will be the first exchange to officially list NOT for trading on May 16th.

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